Enjoy the connection with Adventure on Riau Island

Riau is an Indonesian island on the southwestern tip of Sumatra, in the central eastern bay of Java. Its house to lush forests, large rivers and palm oil plantations on its slopes. The eastern part associated with island has steep, hilly landscapes with rice paddy areas and settlements built into valleys. The western part of Riau is flat, grassy and well-planned with low-lying hills. To its north, the ancient ruins associated with Buddhist Loh Bagua temple complex rest half-way through a jungle cove.

Riau Island is among the three Riau archipelagos (Indonesian islands), situated on the southern an element of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It really is probably one of the most visited destinations in Indonesia and ranks among the list of top three many visited Indonesian islands, with Java and Borneo being others. Exploring the miracles of Riau will captivate you and just take you to definitely another globe, unlike any other place in the world. It has an enchanting mixture of normal and man-made beauty. Here are a few for the tourist attractions well worth visiting while checking out Riau:

The Riau Highlands is a small volcanic island that sits north of Riau Island. It’s populated by tribespeople who’ve lived on this land for years and years. They have been known due to their craftsmen

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